The Logo

The new logo of the newly established Municipality of West Lesvos

The intention of the Mayor of West Lesvos, Taxiarchis Verrou, who was elected during the founding period of the new Municipality, was that the logo of West Lesvos should be a condensed virtual identity of all the municipal units, since they all have important cultural and heritage elements.

The idea for the new logo was originally inspired by the bridge of Kremasti (a symbol of unity, communication and progress) and depicts an abstract cluster of the initial letters of the newly created municipality’s name: two “Deltas” (Municipality of West) curved together to form a “Lambda” (Lesvos). At the same time, it also depicts the name of the Municipality of West Lesvos in an excellent way and in English MWL (Municipality of West Lesvos).

The name of the Municipality of West Lesvos is also in English.

At the heart of the logo, inspired by the coin with the depiction of the Sanctuary of the Means, which symbolizes prosperity, rebirth and unity, a symbol of a solid structure with seven columns is depicted, referring to the 7 Municipal Units of the Municipality, which support the municipal institution but at the same time are enclosed and protected by this institution.

The thin but firm font conveys the dynamism of the new municipality and the olive green colour refers to the natural environmental wealth of the municipality and the island and the richness of its olive groves.

The combination of the two images symbolizes a new and dynamic beginning that looks to the future but at the same time embraces the history, the culture and the path that our ancestors blazed. Both the reference to the “Community of Lesbians” and the reference to the “Bridge of Kremasti” are indicative of the basic necessity that leads, through historical periods, to the future development and prosperity of the Municipality.